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Gym towels can get contaminated easily with germs as you grab them with contaminated hands to wipe your sweat away, this can bring germs directly into your face, and potentially causing skin breakouts or even disease transition. Our workout shirt’s reversible design allows you to wipe the sweat off your face using its inner towel layer shielded from direct hand contact.


Using our workout shirt with attached face towel eliminates the need to carry an extra hand towel and having to worry about where to safely keep it when working out in the gym or running outdoors.


Stop worrying about your gym towel falling to the ground! Our workout shirt allows you to run your fastest, jump your highest. Reach your maximum body potential, and mental focus.


Our Microfiber Face Towel VS Common Gym Towels

Our workout shirt's face towel is reversible. This feature allows you to safely turn the shirt's microfiber face towel inside out for wiping sweat off your face, & then turning it back in to keep the face towel closed & protected. This also ensures you won't be touching the microfiber face towel with your hands, thereby preventing the spread of bacteria.

When Function Meets Fashion

At Prosane Wear™ we pride ourselves on combining functionality with fashion.  Featuring a lightweight fit and a fast-dry microfiber towel, it’s an essential workout shirt to see you through the most challenging workout.

Gym Towels Are Germ Magnets

When in the gym we are constantly picking up equipment covered in bacteria. This bacteria then goes on your hands. Unlike regular gym towels which spread the bacteria from your hands to your face, our workout shirt's microfiber face towel prevents this. Not only can you grip the microfiber face towel from the outside, but each workout shirt is also equipped with a drawstring allowing you to close the microfiber face towel when not in use!

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Customer Reviews


Will Buy Another!

James B.

Love this as a workout shirt. Material is light so I stay cool during workout, microfiber hours is nice, esp. if you're like me and sweat a lot. Would recommend

Practical & convenient.

Shane L.

Very convenient. When running or at the gym I always need to bring a towel with to wipe out my face. This is a hoodie style towel attached to a white jersey. Now with Covid-19, I don't have to worry about dropping off my towel or leaving it on a place where it can get contaminated

Sooo breathable

Sally D.

I love how breathable this product is , it is really comfortable and I plan on using it during my next marathon training , the hoodie is sooo perfect for drying off

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